About Carrie Anne

Hey there, I’m Carrie Anne and my goal is to inspire you to stop doubting yourself and just go for it! I love to transform furniture as well as my home and invite you to come along for the ride. I started flipping furniture back in 2021 and then a few months later my partner, Steve, and I bought our first home together. We’ve been making home improvements ever since and I flip furniture to help fund them. We keep things on a budget here, so I like to take inspiration from high end design and find a way to DIY it affordably. I’m constantly learning, but share all my mistakes and lessons so that you won’t make them. I keep it real and am determined to show you that you can absolutely tackle any tough project. Whether we’re flipping an old dresser or installing new countertops, I’ll be your DIY bestie providing inspiration, tips and a ton of laughs. You can find most of my projects on my Blog and everything in between on Instagram or TikTok.

Why Moonlight Market

Moonlight Market started in a one stall garage with a plan to flip our kitchen table instead of throwing it away. I quickly sold it and decided to tackle another flip. This was in early 2021, during the pandemic and I mostly started out of boredom because I needed something to keep me sane. But I soon realized how much I loved turning literal trash into something beautiful again. It was nice to have a new hobby that kept me busy and the extra cash was an awesome bonus! 

So why “Moonlight Market?” The one stall garage was attached to our condo on a road named Moonlight Drive and I was working full time so I was moonlighting with my furniture flips. Thus came Moonlight Market.

Work With Us

If you are interested in any of our pieces, or would like to collaborate, please send an email to or send us a DM via instagram.